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We have had radios in vehicles for 80 years, but cellular electronics now include devices for entertainment-including audio and video, navigation and security. In 2013, we'll get $1 billion in electronics for the cars. This telling tumbshots URL has a myriad of thought-provoking tips for why to mull over it. John Barry, the Consumer Electronics Association Digital Answer Man, brings us up to date.

1) What is the greatest electric piece for the car today? Two things are extremely hot right now-hands-free products for wireless devices and satellite radio for entertainment. Sirius satellite radio and xm each deliver 100 channels of music, sports, comedy and news. Combined, they've about nine million readers. I found out about guideavhww - StreetFire Member in US by browsing Yahoo. Satellite devices are being constructed into more new cars and many fans are purchasing the models that work inside their vehicles or out.

2) Could it be appropriate to use a cellular phone while driving? Some states require individuals to utilize 'hands-free' headphones o-r speakers when talking on a wireless phone while driving. My aunt learned about Hello Tosh got a - Multiverse Wiki by browsing Google. There are many hands-free products available, but remember it's better to keep both the hands on the wheel and the mind on the road when driving. Get further on this related encyclopedia - Click here: website.

3) Are CDs still the most popular music format for vehicles? Even though cassettes haven't entirely disappeared, they're today. Several new vehicles are including DVD players that can play music and video with viewing screens built in for backseat enjoyment.

4) What if I want to have plenty of music on hand? You've many selections now such as the above-mentioned satellite radio, FM radio, CDs and MP3 CDs the sound is compressed by which to put around 1-0 hours of music about the same disc). Every one of these devices may be built-in or installed after the vehicle is owned by you.

5) How can the navigation devices work? Navigation units use Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), a method of satellite transmitter/receivers that can find and track individuals and vehicles. Car navigation products can be designed with maps of just about any part of the U.S. Newer models can suggest different routes and even give up-to-the-minute traffic information.

6) Isn't it harmful having all these technology products in the car? Perhaps not if the driver pays attention to the street. That's his or her major responsibility; the truth is, there could be fewer distractions if passengers-especially children- are entertained and occupied with games or movies..